Nissan, renowned for its innovation, reliability, and performance, deserves the best-quality bumpers and accessories to match its exceptional engineering. For Nissan owners in the UK, Bumper Shop UK is your ultimate destination for top-tier Nissan bumpers and accessories in UK.

We specialize in providing perfect fit OEM bumpers and meticulously crafted accessories designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your Nissan vehicle. Discover our range of products engineered for seamless integration and unparalleled performance.

Perfect Fit with OEM Bumpers

  • Precision Engineering: Our Nissan OEM bumpers are meticulously engineered with precision to ensure a seamless fit with your specific Nissan model. Every contour is designed to match the original specifications, preserving the vehicle’s structural integrity and appearance.
  • Original Manufacturer Compatibility: Bumper Shop UK offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) bumpers designed to meet the stringent standards set by Nissan. These bumpers are crafted to replicate the exact specifications of the original bumpers installed by the manufacturer, ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • No Modifications Required: Our OEM bumpers are tailor-made for your Nissan model, eliminating the need for any modifications during installation. This hassle-free process preserves the authenticity of your Nissan vehicle while ensuring a flawless fit.

Our Range of Accessories

In addition to our perfect fit OEM bumpers, Bumper Shop UK offers a wide selection of high-quality accessories designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of your Nissan.

  • Roof Racks and Cargo Carriers: Maximize your Nissan’s cargo capacity with our durable roof racks and cargo carriers. These accessories are designed to securely transport additional luggage, sports equipment, or outdoor gear, making them ideal for road trips and adventures.
  • LED Lighting Upgrades: Enhance visibility and safety with our powerful LED lighting upgrades. Our LED lights are engineered to provide superior illumination, ensuring clear visibility in various driving conditions, including low-light environments and adverse weather.
  • Custom Grilles and Bumper Guards: Personalize the front-end aesthetics of your Nissan with our custom grilles and bumper guards. These accessories not only add a distinct style to your vehicle but also provide additional protection against minor impacts and debris.
  • Performance Air Intakes: Boost your Nissan’s performance with our high-performance air intakes. Designed to optimize airflow to the engine, these intakes enhance horsepower and torque, providing a more responsive and exhilarating driving experience.


In conclusion, Bumper Shop UK is your trusted partner for Nissan bumpers and accessories in the UK. Our commitment to providing perfect fit OEM bumpers ensures that your Nissan maintains its original appearance and performance. Additionally, our range of meticulously crafted accessories allows you to customize your Nissan according to your preferences, enhancing both its style and functionality.

Experience the difference with Bumper Shop UK. Elevate your Nissan’s aesthetics, cargo capacity, visibility, and performance with our top-quality OEM bumpers and accessories. Trust us to deliver precision, reliability, and unparalleled quality, ensuring your Nissan stands out on the UK roads with sophistication and confidence. Your Nissan deserves nothing but the best, and at Bumper Shop UK, we deliver excellence in every detail.

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